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With contributions from the must go-to food magazines in Cyprus (Xryses Syntages, Taste, Glykes Alhimies – Sweet Alchemy – and Life) the site is the most reliable source of original, delicious and tested recipes and cooking articles. With a database of 4,000 recipes, daily updated and enriched, it aims to become the right hand of all cooking fans.

The site is divided into manageable categories so the visitor can easily and quickly access a wide range of recipes and ideas for comfort food and gourmet dishes, tested recipes for an everyday meal, as well as suggestions for special occasions. It features meat, poultry, vegetarian and traditional dishes, kid’s dishes, baked goods, chocolate desserts, cookies, jams, syrupy sweets and drinks, as well as various cooking/baking tips and useful market information – providing tasty and delicious options for hosts and inspiration for professionals.

In the category Signature Dishes acknowledged professionals and food magazine associates upload their own imaginative creations and share useful tips that add flavour and aroma to your kitchen. Editor of popular Xryses Syntages, Nina Theocharidou, shares her secrets for the best tried and tested recipes, while famous Greek chef Stelios Parliaros of ‘Sweet Alchemy’ introduces us to high confectionery art.

Galatia Pamborides takes us on unparalleled journeys around the world with her unique recipes and Andreas Kavazis sets the daily table and more, while Louisa Zembyla creates classic dishes with a modern twist. Experts give a plethora of healthy options for those on special nutritional diets and those in search of low-calorie alternatives.

The Signature Dishes section is complemented by contributions from the best chefs from all over Cyprus.

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