Phileleftheros Public Company Ltd

Since its establishment in 1955, Phileleftheros Media Group has been the leading media and publishing organisation in Cyprus, offering print publications and related services that cover all the needs of the reading public while also serving the requirements of the business community and society more generally.

N & M Mediamorfosis Ltd

N & M Mediamorfosis Ltd was set up in March 1995 with the primary aim of publishing top quality, leading-edge magazines. Successful titles include OMIKRON, Taste and Chryses Syntages (Golden Recipes).

Proteas Press Ltd

Phileleftheros established its own state-of-the-art printers, PROTEAS PRESS, on the 50th anniversary of its establishment. It is now the biggest and best equipped and staffed unit on the island, ensuring top quality printing of its own and other publications to European specifications.

Radiotileoptiki Eteria Elliniki Echo Ltd

Radio SFERA was launched in Cyprus in 2003. The group took over management of Radiotileoptiki Eteria Elliniki Echo Ltd, changed the name of the station from Radio Ammochostos to Radio SFERA to create the most successful music radio station on the island.

MA & CA Entertainment Ltd

In 2009, the group expanded its presence on the air waves, taking over management of KISS radio station, which together with SFERA form a strong radio combination.