Phileleftheros PUBLICATIONS

Since its establishment in 1955 Phileleftheros Media Group has been the leading media and publishing organisation in Cyprus offering print publications and related services covering all the needs of the reading public while also serving the business community and society in general.

A series of co-operation agreements with media groups in Greece and abroad has made Phileleftheros the publishing group with the most important strategic partners, ensuring positive results for the reading public and business world of Cyprus.

The group is one of the biggest shareholders in Kronos Distribution Agency with a share of more than 28%, better serving its interests and ensuring the timely and correct distribution of its publications on an island-wide basis. It also has a 50% stake in the paper import company H & A PAPER LTD which supplies the most important raw material for its publications.

On its 50th anniversary in 2005, Phileleftheros Media Group established its own ultra modern printers, PROTEAS PRESS, which is today the largest, best equipped and manned unit in Cyprus, ensuring top quality printing of its publications to European specifications.PROTEAS PRESS also serves a large number of third parties, including the British newspaper THE SUN which is printed and distributed in Cyprus on the same day as in the U K. Moreover, banks, chambers, large companies active in services and retail, as well as semi-government organisations, universities and others rely on PROTEAS PRESS for their printed material.

In 2008 Phileleftheros Media Group acquired the leading circulation English language newspaper “THE CYPRUS WEEKLY”, turning it into a modern, high-specification newspaper.

In 2009, the group took over management of the KISS FM radio station, which, with radio SFERA make up powerful presence on the airwaves. In 2010 Phileleftheros launched a Cyprus edition of the biggest Greek daily sport newspaper Goal News in cooperation with one of Greece’s biggest publishing firms PEGASOS EKDOTIKI AE.
Responding to the challenges facing the mass media in the digital age, Phileleftheros has also established itself as the undisputed leader in the electronic and internet media with twelve web pages,,,,,,,,,,,,

Another ambitious project was the publication of the five volume work “1960-2010 The History of the Republic of Cyprus.” More than 60 academics, writers, photographers and editors were assigned this mammoth task, dedicating months of concerted but also creative work to record contemporary Cyprus history.The latest project is the illustrated four volume series “The History of Cyprus” for children and young people, spanning the history of the island from prehistoric times to the present.

Also published are books and albums with fascinating old photographs of Cyprus. Also worth noting is the distribution with the Sunday edition of Phileleftheros of the collection “Pages of Cyprus – Important Cypriots”, presenting the important personalities who have contributed to society and the cultural life of the island. Also distributed by the group are recipe books written by the best Cypriot chefs, highlighting their talent and imagination.

As the biggest publishing firm in Cyprus, Phileleftheros is also active in the production of publications for large clients and companies in Cyprus. It offers the whole range of services from the preparation of the texts, the taking of photographs, editing, design, printing and distribution of specialised company publications for clients aiming at promoting their goods and services.

But this is not the end of the story. Phileleftheros media group continues to forge ahead, with new strategic plans for further growth, all the time remaining true to its 60 year tradition.