You can view the most beautiful homes on “Sintheseis”

The magazine “Sintheseis” (Compositions) has a history of 25 years with the largest photo archive on homes and buildings that were constructed in Cyprus in recent years. It also has a lot of details on the most remarkable residences abroad, from neighbouring Israel to far-away Brazil, all designed by leading architects. You can now view some of this material right on your computer screen.

By visiting you can take a virtual tour of the nicest homes, one room at a time, to get information tips and ideas on organising your space, materials, trends, as well as finding home renovation solutions, decorations, furniture and even street addresses of local shops. On the “Sintheseis” website, which is updated daily, you will find residence designs from floor plan to final completion. As you navigate through the site, you can click on individual floor plans which will take you to another page where you can view the actual homes in real life, completed and fully furnished. Quick and simple, with the dependability of the Phileleftheros Media Group.


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