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Philenews.com is an Internet domain which carries the most popular news and current affairs websites in Cyprus. It is a comprehensive portal of Cyprus’ largest publishing group, Phileleftheros.

The website of Phileleftheros (www.philenews.com) has established itself among the most reliable sites in Cyprus and for many it is the most authoritative. The new version of the website is now online, with its new, modern design, technological upgrades, new options and above all interactivity for visitors. Besides the round-the-clock news updates, visitors can “participate” in current affairs with live commentary on every article.

They can also raise issues for investigation which will be answered on the webpage and also in the newspaper, Phileleftheros. With more round the clock information on what is happening around the world, Phileleftheros is also available as an app for iPhone and iPad and on Android and for Windows.



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