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Philenews, the leading news website of the Phileleftheros Group enters a new era with an upgraded design and lightning-fast speeds while upholding the same unwavering dedication to credibility and professionalism that has defined it for decades.

A team of esteemed journalists brings you the latest news, covering major events with precision, depth, insightful articles and comprehensive reporting.
Offering continuous updates and analyses 24/7, philenews has managed to become, since 2001, the go-to source of internet users in Cyprus for breaking news, whether it’s politics, economics, culture, entertainment, technology, or any other subject of local and global interest, delivering the most accurate and high-quality information.

At the same time, its reimagined and upgraded application (available for iOS, Android, and Windows) offers the opportunity to stay connected and informed on the go, anytime, and from any device (computer, smartphone, tablet).


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