Like — in the language of the social media — is a vote of confidence in something worth circulating. Like — in the world of the internet — means the transition of the much loved web page into a much larger portal,, with a view to welcoming even more web users.

With a creative team of journalists and dozens of specialised associates from Cyprus and abroad, as well as the daily contributions of all the experienced journalists from the 10 top circulation and readership magazines of the Phileleftheros media group, is the most comprehensive and vibrant web page in Cyprus. Its main strength is opinion, presented with humour and boldness, in line with the quick reflexes of the web, a live medium which produces with immediacy everything in life users believe worthy of a «like».

On visitors can read all the news of Greek and foreign showbiz, news that reflects the pulse of contemporary living, features on issues of interest to our daily lives, stories on style and beauty, nutrition, psychology, health and relationships. Also featured are up-to-date suggestions for outings, a comprehensive list of restaurants in all the towns, the most complete section on cooking as well as daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes.


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