www.kissfm.com.cy is the official website of Cyprus’ leading English music radio station. It is an internet site created for fans of the best music from the 80’s to today. Surfing on the webpage, Kiss FM fans can listen to their favourite hits round the clock, wherever they may be and keep up to date with daily developments in the international music scene. Get to know our music producers through their candid introductions and enjoy the carefully-chosen music selection of the day.

Find the station’s Hot List with the best songs of the week, and you can vote for your favourite song. Find out about all the competitions that are on as well as the events which the station supports through the Kiss FM site. Stay tuned with all the Hollywood blockbuster film releases and win the highly-coveted invitations for two offered by Kiss for film avant premieres. All this and so much more on the website of your favourite English station on www.kissfm.com.cy.

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1501 Nicosia, Cyprus

Άντια Παυλίδου
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Μαρία Αδάμου
Τηλ: 22744463
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