The new nationwide radio station comes to enrich the news domain in Cyprus and appeal to all segments of society. With a focus on the main news, ACTIVE aims to provide coverage on Cyprus and the rest of the world, as well as news that relate to each and every citizen. The shows are packed with energy, action, speed, and passion, meeting the expectations of modern listeners who appreciate well-rounded news and an opportunity to offer their own commentary on the news.

ACTIVE 107.4 & 102.5 FM
1 Diogenous Str., Egkomi 2404
PO 21094, 1501
Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel. 22744300
Fax 22744068



Elena Vrahimi
Radio Commercial Manager
Tel: +357 22744459
Fax: +357 22744068
Email: [email protected]


Maria Adamou
Sales Executive
Tel: +357 22744463
Fax: +357 22744068
Email: [email protected]