A graduate of the Lanition Gymnasium with merit, he completed his military service and studied at the University of Munich (T.U. Muenchen) from 1981 to 1988, where he was awarded an ΜΑ and a Diplom Ingenieur und Architectur with a merit and a distinction in architecture and history of art. He worked in various university departments and took part in competitions with leading architectural firms.

Since 1988 he has been living in Nicosia and working at Phileleftheros Media Group where he is the Executive Chairman. He is the publisher of the daily newspaper Phileleftheros, the daily sports newspaper Goal News and manages 8 other publications (weekly and monthly magazines such as Omikron, Synthesis, DownTown/TV Mania, Chryses Syntages (Golden Recipes),HELLO!, Filgood, Going Out, Taste and others, as well as the radio stations, SFERA, KISS and ACTIVE .

In addition he is the brain behind and publisher of the series “Phileleftheros History & Culture Library” which includes noteworthy works on culture, education and history, such as the seven-volume “1955 – 2012: The 50 Years of the Republic of Cyprus” and the four-volume “History of Cyprus for Children”. Other publications include “The History of My Town” and “Cypriot Chefs”.

He is a member of the board of the publishing company Mediamorfosis Ltd, Chairman of the board of PROTEAS Press Ltd. (the largest, state-of-the-art printers in Cyprus) as well as Chairman of the company H&A Paper Ltd (the leading importer and distributor of paper and newsprint). He is also a member of the Cyprus Association of Publishers, the World Association of Publishers and other international organisations involved in the media.
He is a supporter of the fine arts, both as an individual but also through his media group, through the publication of books and exhibition catalogues of various institutions, universities and Cypriot, Greek and foreign artists. He also offers support as a media sponsor for highly drama, music, dance, art and other events, the main criterion being quality.

He has an important collection of contemporary art, consisting primarily of works by Cypriot and Greek artists, but also of those from abroad. Important landmarks were the exhibitions “Where do we go from here?” in May 2008, where works from the Collection of Nicos Chr. Pattichis and the Phileleftheros newspaper were exhibited at the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre/Pierides Art Gallery at the invitation of the Minister of Education and Culture and the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, as well as the recent exhibition, UTOPIA in May 2012, at the Evagoras Lanitis Centre in Limassol, where new acquisitions of the Collection were exhibited.

Some five years ago he registered CYCO (The Cyprus Contemporary Art Museum) – a private, non profit organisation, aiming to build bridges with museums in Europe and large art fairs abroad, as well as to support young artists, mainly from Cyprus.

He is married to Myrna Demetriou and they have two daughters, India Olympia and Cassandra Isidora.